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International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) ConferenceSan Antonio, Texas • JUNE 22-26, 2013
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Arcade Session Schedule


STOP the Quiz! Playful Assessment with Digital Games  back to schedule
Andrew Miller, Scott Price, Amber Alvarez & Will Jordan-Cooley, Miller Educational Consulting & BrainPOP GameUp
Games can provide a great context for observing how students apply their knowledge and skills to process information and solve problems. Learn best practices to evaluate games as formative and summative assessment tools, while discovering and play-testing new BrainPOP offerings and other games designed for assessment.

Get Clicking with TGF2 and MMF2! back to schedule
Jeff Vance, ClickTeam
Explore The Games Factory 2 and Multimedia Fusion 2 and discuss how these digital game creation tools teach students valuable workforce skill sets while enhancing their learning experience. In addition, learn how YOUR SCHOOL can get free TGF2 or MMF2 in the classroom!

simCEO: Class Economy Online back to schedule
Derek Luebbe, Christie McKee, Jay Atwood, Jetlag Learning
Awarded "The Most Innovative Ed Tech Product of 2013" by the SIIA, simCEO is a web-based, interactive stock market simulation that allows students to create their own companies, research each others' companies, and trade shares to influence prices. Join us to learn about the unique opportunities that this simulation offers you and your students!

Not Real Games, But Virtual! back to schedule
David Deeds, Colegios Peterson
Digital game-based learning (GBL) takes on many forms. One form includes applying game theory in immersive learning environments (like Second Life and OpenSimulator) to encourage exploration and enhance student engagement. Students accomplish individual or group quests and other tasks through meaningful connections, communication and collaboration. Instructional experiences and student projects in higher ed and K-12 will be shared.

Teach 3D Game Design in One Week back to schedule
Alexander Repenning & Ian Her Many Horses, University of Colorado
The NSF funded Scalable Game Design project has been running a 10,000 student study on how to introduce middle school students to computer science through game design and STEM simulation creation. (See Saturday Workshop)

What I Learned Teaching Kids Game Programming with Greenfoot back to schedule
Bob Kaehms & Maggie DeAngelis, Developmental Studies Center 
For the last two years Bob has volunteered to run a Game Programming club at his local middle school in Castro Valley, CA. Join him to hear about his experience, while he helps to bootstrap the next generation of Game instructors wishing to learn about Greenfoot, Inkscape, and Gimp. Maggie will help introduce attendees to Gimp and Inkscape, while Bob introduces the Greenfoot programming environment.



WoW, What a Plan! Lesson Ideas Using World of Warcraft back to schedule
David Deeds, Colegios Peterson
Hear how one educator plans to incorporate World of Warcraft (WoW) into the K-12 classroom to virtually engage students and inspire learning.

Video Game Design and Student Learning back to schedule
Kandise Salerno, University of Alberta and the Center for Science, Math and Technology Education (CMASTE)
Video game design within an educational context is an emerging field of study. This showcase will explore the research that examines the experiences of students immersed within a video game design project and the pedagogical connections educators have made in planning and implementing video game design projects using Kodu. In addition, this showcase will highlight instructor experiences regarding the application of a video game design program for a group of 7th and 8th grade students. This new pedagogical approach to gaming is a significant area to explore as it is concurrent with the revised needs of our digital learners.

Beginning Gaming Teacher’s Toolkit back to schedule
Amanda McNamara & Shanna Falgoust, Texas Games Network & ESC-20
This showcase will provide educators with resources to help them start teaching game design. We will discuss the advantages of using GameMaker Studio and provide an overview of the Game Integration Process. In addition, example lesson plans will be shown and links to electronic resources will be provided.

Got Game? Using 3D GameLab in High School back to schedule
Dianne McKee, Maricopa Community Colleges
Discover how high school teachers in Arizona are using 3D GameLab—a game-based learning management system—to motivate, engage and facilitate student learning.

The Challenge: Gamifying an Intensive EFL Course back to schedule
Judy Wren, Zayed University
How do you get teenage boys to study grammar? Gamify! I gamified my 20-hour a week, semester-long EFL (English as a Foreign Language) course. Here’s what I won, what I lost, and my strategy for future games.

Explode the Game! Institute of Play and Quest to Learn back to schedule
Daniel O'Keefe & Richard Bowman, Institute of Play
With the help of Institute of Play, teachers at Quest to Learn NYC public school are designing powerful games for learning. Come play them with us, and see student work!

Playful Learning: Digital Games and Classroom Learning back to schedule
Jen Groff, Learning Games Network
There's a world of games for learning at your fingertips, to teach anything from fractions to ethical thinking. Our online platform is a free resource to find, access and use these games in your classroom!

Engagement in Action! Achieve Success Using Games back to schedule
Lisa Parisi & Mohit Midha, Herricks School District & Mangahigh
Learn about one teacher's experience and insight into student engagement (through self-directed and project-based learning using Mangahigh and BrainPOP games) while a part of the Joan Ganz Conney Center case study. Talk with a Mangahigh representative and discover a math resource that draws on casual games, social competition, and core concepts to provide students with an irresistible sense of achievement!

Make Games with Us! back to schedule
Maurice Cheeks, Filament Games
Want to make games for your classroom? Filament is creating simple game-based science tools, and releasing them early. We welcome educator feedback to help us iterate. Come be a part of making learning games!



Get Your Game On with FUN Online PD! back to schedule
Lisa Perez, Chicago Public Schools
Online professional development doesn't have to be boring! Add gaming elements to your online modules to motivate teacher participation and make learning fun!

How Fast Can You Add? Increase Math Fluency with Games back to schedule
Martin Esterman, MSE Games
Winner of the ‘Teacher/Educator’ PBS KIDS stream prize from the 2012 National STEM Video Game Challenge for his game, AdditionBlocks, Martin Esterman tells us why and how he’s using games for instruction! Esterman will touch on the importance of fluency in math development and share his award-winning game!

Virtual Worlds in Jewish Education back to schedule
Jodi Allison Mishkin-Michaelson, The JET Project
The JET Project is a caravan of Laptops carted to Synagogues in the Long Island area which weaves a variety of software and web 2.0 tools into Jewish Education. Come see how one teacher is encouraging middle school-aged students to explore various locations, the people, and culture in Israel while immersed in Virtual Worlds (Simnik and Second Life).

Excuse Me, May I See Your Digital Passport? back to schedule
Darri Stephens, Common Sense Media
Digital Passport, a web-based, interactive learning platform, helps your 3rd-5th graders learn skills related to digital safety, respect, and community earn their passport to the World Wide Web.

The Ministry of Science and Other Games back to schedule
Chantelle Morrison & Lou Deibe, Northern Beaches Christian School
Taking gamification to a whole new level, ‘The Ministry of Science’ allowed 180 students to journey through the career ladder of a scientific institution. Hear what these students learned as they would “go to work” in their lab coats each day to be mentored and encouraged by the Professors (their teachers) who employed them.

GamingEDU: Coding for Productive Learning back to schedule
Joli Barker, McKinney ISD, Slaughter Elementary
GamingEDU demonstrates how coding games can increase problem-solving and critical thinking skills while being incredibly engaging. Creating game levels to demonstrate and share learning redesigns cooperative learning experiences. See how using ready-made games can be utilized beyond consumptive learning into productive educational opportunities. Get tips, tricks, and lesson samples!

FUN and FREE! Civics Video Games from iCivics back to schedule
Erin Braun, iCivics
Spearheaded by Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, iCivics is a FREE suite of 18 video games and almost 100 lesson plans that make learning civics FUN! Inspire your students to be active participants in U.S. democracy. Join us for a demonstration of the newest products and games from iCivics.

What's New on GameUp? Now, K-8 Common Core-Aligned Games back to schedule
Scott Price & Will Jordan-Cooley, BrainPOP
Come play! Take a hands-on look at GameUp®'s  latest learning games for both BrainPOP and  BrainPOP Jr., featuring top titles from partners including Sesame Workshop®, NCTM, Filament Games, Classroom, Inc., New Mexico State University, iCivics, Mangahigh, and more. 

Game Creation with Gamestar Mechanic back to schedule
Brian Alspach, E-Line Media
Gamestar Mechanic uses fun, game-based quests and courses to help students learn game design and make their own video games. Learn how to incorporate game design into your classroom with Gamestar Mechanic.

Design Thinking with Scratch back to schedule
Adrienne Gifford, Open Window School
An ISTE Emerging Leader for 2013, Adrienne Gifford outlines how the design thinking process plays out in one of her 5th grade units, Video Game Design in Scratch. Gifford will explain how her students work with younger students to empathize, design, ideate, prototype, and test original multilevel Scratch games, culminating in a school-wide Arcade Day!



Think Outside the Bot with VGo! back to schedule
Bertha Doddridge, ESC-20 Special Education Support Services
This free-standing, mobile robot, can be your surrogate in a remote environment. View the world through VGo and control its interactions with people and places without even being there! Come play with us and brainstorm how you can use the VGo robot to enhance classroom activities and engage students. (12:30 - 3:45pm, Station G)
























































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